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We are internationally consulting customer’s all over the world, therefore we also provide contracting services to our customers.
These services include

  • recruiting and hiring employees
  • introducing potential partners and subcontractors
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Lottery systems – Integration (2012 – 2015)

Designing, Planning and coordinating tests for online lottery systems of Scientific Games International.

  • Central side integration management for ODDSET sport betting in Germany
  • Planning and execution of integration tests of internal environment and lottery gaming systems.
  • Planning and execution of integration tests for Online Gaming Platforms of Germany’s local lottery dealers.
  • Negotiations with local and foreign software suppliers and foreign lottery customers for custom integration of their lottery products.
  • Execution of site acceptance tests together with customers in Austria and Germany.
  • Verification of PL/SQL batches, C programs and the AEGIS platform (Oracle Forms).
ByManuel Moser

ToF Camera (2015)

Support during the development and the continuous integration for a ToF Camera in cooperation with other business partners (B2B)

  • Developing a multiplatform (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux) C++11 API
  • Interconnection of the live camera stream with an OpenGL Qt visualization.
  • Designing of custom container classes to overcome STL within API interface troubles (ABI compatibility).
  • Implemented several unit tests using GTest to verify the library, the API and the ABI compatibility.
ByManuel Moser

VPN MultiSIM – Test Management (2016)

Test Management for the VPN MSIM Project and consulting other projects with testing strategies and methodologies.

  • Creation and agreement of the master test concept
  • Coordination of Test Teams and external partners
  • Implementation of consistent test- controlling and monitoring
  • Defect tracking through the lifecycle
  • Execution of Business Process based E2E tests
ByManuel Moser

NTTS Belarus (2013)

Supporting during the whole project life-cycle with integration and acceptance test execution of Oracle Databases and interconnected GUIs for ensuring Go-Live of the Belarus Tolling and Enforcement system. These supporting services included:

  • Designing automated Testcases in SoapUI as well as developing a framework for automated test/regression tests with SoapUI (groovy/Java syntax), SQL and Qt/C++.
  • Designing and writing automated PL/SQL testcases for testing Oracle Database interfaces.
  • Supporting on-site with troubleshooting, Go-Live preparation and E2E-Testing.
  • Planning test activities and designing a datacenter application failover test concept for ensuring the failover clusters were built according to the specification.
  • Coordinating and executing application failover tests on the productive datacenter environment.
  • Organizing and holding training sessions for the onsite operation department.
ByManuel Moser

NTTS Austria – GoMaut 2.0 (2017)

System Integration Lead for the austrian GO Maut project (Austrian GO Maut TollingSystem) by being responsible for the integration-, release- and deployment steps and the scopes for all subsystems to ensure a smooth system integration and migration for the GO-live.

  • Creation of an Integrationplan, which covers all system features and delivery dates to plan features into releases
  • Integration-, Release-, Deployment- and Testmanagement
  • Execution of Integration- and Acceptancetests together with the customer (ASFiNAG)
  • Development of several test automation support tools (C/C++, C#, Qt)
  • Building/enhancing our Testautomation-Framework based on SoapUI (Groovy).
  • Supporting the GO-Live
ByManuel Moser

NTTS Czech Republic – EETS (2016-2017)

Integration of the CZ EETS project by being responsible for the integration steps and the release scopes for all subsystems delivered by the customer to ensure a smooth integration and migration for the GO-live.

  • Creation of an Integrationplan, which covers all system features and delivery dates to plan features into releases
  • Coordination of test activities and development activities
  • Gathering interfaces to derive an interface matrix for evaluating the impact of potential missing subsystems or subsystem features for the integration and migration of the system.
  • Configuration Management and responsibility for the correct configuration of the different test environments.
  • Development of several test automation tools and services for testing, mocking and integrating whole test environments such as an EETS Provider Simulator.
ByManuel Moser

Project Management

Arranging the perfect timeline for our customer’s projects is essential for us

Project Management
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