ByManuel Moser

EETS – Implementation of an Interoperability Hub (2019 – 2020)

Developing, maintaining and enhancing an existing implementation of a european electronic fee collection (EETS) interoperability hub to support SaaS within the Bulgarian Tolling Service provider solution.

  • Designing, planning and implementation of a microservice architecture
  • Improving database architectures and performance of existing products
  • Rewriting code in C# to reach performance and functional goals and to reach the KPIs
  • Performance & Stress-testing of the solution before and after applying changes
  • Performance analysis on database level (PostgreSQL) by using database statistics and optimizing complex queries.
  • Supporting 1st and 2nd Level support as being responsible for the 3rd Level support R&D for all testing systems and the productive system
  • Technical interface to operations and supporting operations (DevOps)

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