ByManuel Moser

NTTS Belarus (2013)

Supporting during the whole project life-cycle with integration and acceptance test execution of Oracle Databases and interconnected GUIs for ensuring Go-Live of the Belarus Tolling and Enforcement system. These supporting services included:

  • Designing automated Testcases in SoapUI as well as developing a framework for automated test/regression tests with SoapUI (groovy/Java syntax), SQL and Qt/C++.
  • Designing and writing automated PL/SQL testcases for testing Oracle Database interfaces.
  • Supporting on-site with troubleshooting, Go-Live preparation and E2E-Testing.
  • Planning test activities and designing a datacenter application failover test concept for ensuring the failover clusters were built according to the specification.
  • Coordinating and executing application failover tests on the productive datacenter environment.
  • Organizing and holding training sessions for the onsite operation department.

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