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EETS – Implementation of an Interoperability Hub (2019 – 2020)

Developing, maintaining and enhancing an existing implementation of a european electronic fee collection (EETS) interoperability hub to support SaaS within the Bulgarian Tolling Service provider solution.

  • Designing, planning and implementation of a microservice architecture
  • Improving database architectures and performance of existing products
  • Rewriting code in C# to reach performance and functional goals and to reach the KPIs
  • Performance & Stress-testing of the solution before and after applying changes
  • Performance analysis on database level (PostgreSQL) by using database statistics and optimizing complex queries.
  • Supporting 1st and 2nd Level support as being responsible for the 3rd Level support R&D for all testing systems and the productive system
  • Technical interface to operations and supporting operations (DevOps)
ByManuel Moser

Bulgarian Toll Service Provider TSP (2019 – 2020)

Building and providing a toll service provider SaaS/TaaS solution for a Bulgarian Toll Service provider in order to allow individuals to purchase E-Vignettes and On-Board Units via the Web from these retailers.

  • Definition of Scope of Work
  • Creation of Overall System Architecture and Deployment Diagram
  • Technical interface to the customer
  • Creation of an Interfacematrix covering all business relevant interfaces
  • Creation of an Integrationplan, which covers all system features and delivery dates to plan features into releases
  • Creation of a Rollout / Deployment plan for serveral environments (test-, trainings-, integration- and productionenvironments)
  • Close cooperation with developers, infrastructure, operation and project management department to ensure proper implementation
ByManuel Moser

Bulgarian Nation Wide Tolling System BGNWTS (2018 – 2020)

Building the system architecture for the Bulgarian Nationwide Tolling System project by being responsible for the integration-, release- and deployment steps for all subsystems to ensure a smooth integration for the GO-live.

  • Definition of Scope of Work
  • Setting up JIRA structures, roles and rules for the project
  • Technical project management and responsibility within bid- and implementation phase
  • Gathering interfaces to derive an interface matrix for evaluating the impact of potential missing subsystems or subsystem features for the integration and migration of the system.
  • Creation of an Integrationplan, which covers all system features and delivery dates to plan features into releases
  • Configuration Management and responsibility for the correct configuration of the different test environments.
ByManuel Moser

Project support

Our customers benefit of over 10 years international domain know-how concerning fields such as automotive, telematics, telecommunications. We are offering domain know-how and project support to international companies world-wide.
These services include

  • Test & Quality-Management
  • Test-Design, -Execution, -Automation
  • System Integration-Management
  • Release-, Delivery-, Deployment-Management
  • Development
ByManuel Moser

Tailored Software Solutions

Our customers benefit of our dynamic way for providing software solutions to perfectly fit their needs. We make use of the newest technologies and the highest adopted frameworks such as Android, Qt, Angular, .NET to rapidly build custom software parts for any business domain.
These services include

  • Designing and delivering High-level Designs based on customer inputs
  • Deriving Low-Level Designs and providing them
  • Developing custom tailored software solutions
  • Support during the whole project life-cycle
ByManuel Moser

IT Infrastructure Maintenance

We provide IT Infrastructure Management for our customers and support them by outsourcing IT services to us or other parties.
These services include

  • Server hosting and maintenance
  • Support in building up IT infrastructures else where
ByManuel Moser


We are supporting our customers by providing E-Learning materials such as videos or e-books to their employees or even with creating tailored E-Learning material for their specific departments and purposes.
These services include

  • Setting up an internal E-Learning infrastructure
  • Creating and providing E-Learning materials

ByManuel Moser

Outsourcing Teams

We are working with teams and individuals who we know from former unwound projects and who are representing our company’s philosophy.
Customers can staff or out-source complete teams, work-packages or even specific tasks done by us.
These services include

  • recruiting and hiring employees to build tailored teams
  • teams take over tasks, subtasks or substitute complete teams
ByManuel Moser


We are supporting our customers to get their teams staffed and tailored to their specific needs and business domains.
These services include

  • recruiting and hiring employees as a service
  • frequently organizing workshops to improve their skills
  • mentoring for domain newcomers during daily business
ByManuel Moser


We are internationally consulting customer’s concerning their management setups, company structures, toolchains and project setups.
These services include:

  • Elaborate concepts (plans, strategies, …)
  • Apply methods derived from concepts
  • Verifying used methods concerning their improvements
  • Adapt concepts if necessary
  • Customer trainings